Office Policies

Our Commitment

From the first sign of tiny baby teeth, through their teenage years, board-certified pediatric dentists like Dr. Britni Kearns and Dr. Jocelyn Jeffries-Bruno are passionate about helping ensure that children's smiles shine bright for a lifetime. 

Board-certified pediatric dentist are required to complete a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and then go on to finish a 2 year residency program in pediatrics. Upon completion of residency, pediatric dentists can opt to take a written test followed by a full day oral exam in order to become board-certified. The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry then requires annual renewal by means of extensive continuing education classes.

Not all pediatric dentists pursue the path toward board certification, but our dentists at Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry did! Dr. Kearns and Dr. Jocelyn possess the expertise needed to maintain your child's healthy, developing grin, so you can trust that your little one is in the most caring, practiced hands.

General Policies


The parent/legal guardian must be present at the first dental visit (with photoidentification and must provide proof of guardianship) to complete new patient paperwork and give consent for treatment. Following the first visit to our office, prior arrangements may be made with our office for another responsible adult to accompany your child to any subsequent visits.


We understand that many families have multiple children and may need to bring more than one child to the office. There are times a sibling who accompanies the patient can benefit from watching his or her brother or sister have a great time at Sycamore Smiles. There are other occasions where the sibling’s presence can negatively impact the patient’s experience or interfere with the dental team’s delivery of care.

For this reason, for treatment visits (as opposed to exam/cleaning visits), we request that siblings remain outside of the treatment room. Instead we ask that siblings be accompanied by their parent/guardian in the reception area or on our family bench where books, games and movies are available for entertainment - or that alternative arrangements be made for their care.


Our practice goal is for all visits to be pleasant, positive experiences for all outpatients. Each visit is a building block and teaching experience for future visits. Therefore, as a general rule, patients ages 7 and under will be scheduled for morning appointments, and children ages 8 and up will be scheduled for afternoon appointments.

We recognize that young children are well rested and accept treatment more readily in the earlier hours of the day. In the afternoon, young children experience a natural dip in their energy, making it more difficult for children to concentrate and stay engaged in activities, such as participating indented treatment visits.

We understand that this is not a one-size-fits-all rule, but more so what the doctors have learned from their over 20+ combined years of experience. After meeting your child at their initial visit, Dr. Jocelyn and Dr. Kearns will work with you to decide what time of day would work best for your child to be most successful in the dental office.

Missed Appointment Policy

We do require 24-hour notice for all cancellations/reschedules. As a courtesy to our patients, we attempt to confirm all appointments via call/text in the days prior to the appointment. 30-60 minutes is set aside in our schedule for your child, and this time cannot be recovered if a patient chooses not to keep their appointment. Please keep in mind that each missed appointment time is not just time lost, but also prevents us from providing care to other patients. We do recognize that situations arise that are out of your control; however we request that you contactor office immediately to notify us of your need to cancel/reschedule.

If your appointment is not canceled with proper notice, you may be charged a $50fee. This fee is incurred for each child scheduled and is not covered by insurance.Implementation of the fee is at the discretion of our office manager.

Repeated cancellation or no-shows can not only negatively impact your child’s oral health, but may also result in the inability to schedule at your desired time or discharge from the practice.

Late Arrivals Policy

In an effort to serve our patients in a timely manner, we ask that you are on time for your scheduled appointment. In the event you are running late, please call the office. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, the appointment may need to be rescheduled. This is to ensure that we have enough time to thoroughly complete your child’s procedure and that the other patients who arrive on time do not wait longer than necessary. You may be given the option to wait for another appointment time on the same day, if one is available. We will try to accommodate late-comers in the best manner possible, but cannot compromise on the quality and timeliness of care provided to our other patients.